NEO Dixie   Cleveland, OH 

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“Trash or Treasure?” … Well…, that’s the question Corporal Lempner (saxophone) asked himself, when serving in the U.S. Army at Fort Hood Texas, as he was organizing and cleaning out the First Cavalry Band’s music library. Ten years later, Tom was fortunate to have met other musicians in North East Ohio who shared a curiosity toward this dusty box of Dixieland jazz music. NEO Dixie’s adventure into that box began five years ago; members of the group loved the music…, and for once actually tolerated each other on the band stand! They decided to take a risk with these merry melodies and add some interesting ingredients. You’ll have to listen to them live to find out what "new" (NEO) twist they have added to these traditional Dixieland treats. Mark Russo plays trumpet…and kills it! Tom Lempner tries to play that shiny Kenny G thingy. Kris Morron plays everything including a kitchen sink but uses a trombone for this group. Cutty Calhoun eats Tuba Flakes for breakfast. Darren Allen (bless his heart) is the band director in Bay Village, but he also is the Boss on drums.